Salient Features

  • Simple Construction & Installation
  • Simple Wear Adjustment of Brake
  • Brake with Dust Protection Ring & Manual Release Provision
  • Adjustable Brake Torque
  • High Operating Frequency & Reliability
  • Coil with Class 'F' Insulation
  • All Metal Parts are Rust Protected.


In absence of power the braking torque is generated by several compression springs whose axial spring force presses the armature plate against the rotor which in turn is pushed against the mounting flange. When power to the brake and motor is supplied at the same time brake coil produces strong magnetic field and pulls the A.P. against the compression springs force towards the stator (Brake Coil) over the air gap and rotor becomes free to rotate. The attraction of the A.P. and returning to its original position takes place instantaneously and thus fail safe nature is ensured in case of power failure. Motor can also be supplied with brake Type EFMB and combination Type ECBC.
Dimensional Detail of Foot Mounted Motor with DC Brake Type EFSB

Dimensional Detail of Foot Mounted Motor with DC Brake Type EFSB

Electrical Connections
AC Side Switching

AC Side Switching

DC Side Switching

DC Side Switching

Ordering Information

  • Make of Motor
  • Type of Motor
  • Frame Size
  • Brake Type
  • Brake Size


  • 1 Nm = 0.012 Kgm = 0.737 Ib-ft = 10.2 kgcm
  • Keyways to Indian standard / Din Standard.
  • Standard Voltages 24 VDC ; 96 VDC ; 190 VDC ; other voltages on request.