Salient Features

  • Simple construction
  • Stationary field (No slip ring)
  • Slotted armature for torque stability
  • Single plate dry type
  • High operating reliability & frequency
  • Maintenance free simple construction
  • Unique pre-stressed springs
  • Coil with class 'F' Insulation
  • No restrictions on mounting positions

Working of EFMC

EXCEL bearing and flange mounted clutches are normally off type and require DC voltage for operation. When stator (1) is supplied with D.C. voltage the armature plate (5) is attracted towards the friction material (4) of the rotor (3) over the air gap and torque gets transmitted free of backlash. When the supply is switched off the prestressed springs (6) pulls the armature (5) back into its original position free of residual torque even when mounted vertically.
Exploded view of EFMC
View of mounting arrangement of EFMC
Cross Sectional
Dimensional Detail of EXCEL Bearing Mounted Clutch Type EFMC

Size Selection And Ordering Information

Approximate necessary Torque or Size of a unit for applications involving low inertia & low operating frequency is determined as ; TORQUE = [ 9550 x (K.W. / SPEED)] x SAFETY FACTOR [K] SAFETY FACTOR [K] To ensure necessary transmission safety also under extreme operating conditions adequate safety factor must be considered the value of which depends on operating conditions namely, the type of load, prime mover etc.

Typically [K]

  • For Electric drive
  • Low masses equal loading & non-intermittent operation [2.0]
  • Low masses light shock load & intermittent operation [2.5]
  • Medium masses, light shock load & intermittent operation [3.0]
  • Large masses, light shock load & intermittent operation [3.0]
  • Non-overhauling loads [2-3]
  • Overhauling loads [3-4]
  • Diesel engine drive [4-5]
  • Compressor driven [5-6]
However, we recommend you to perform detailed calculations for which please consult us.


The life of the friction liner depends on a number of factors namely, the inertia to be retarded or stopped, the relative speed, the operating frequency, the temperatures at the friction surfaces etc. These Clutch must run dry. Oil, grease, foreign materials & other lubricants affect life and characteristics of friction material.

Electrical Connections

The Clutches are operated with DC. connection from three phase or AC mains network can be made via a transformer rectifier, bridge rectifier or half wave rectifier. To restrict the high inductive voltage / back EMF a suitable Supressor and Capacitor network is provided across the connector coil as shown in fig.

Ordering Information

  • Type of Clutch
  • Size
  • Design
  • Coil Voltage
  • Bore of Flange
  • Bore of Rotor

Example of order

  • Clutch Type EBMC
  • Size - 60
  • Design - 301
  • Volts - 24 DC
  • Bore of flange - 14 mm
  • a
  • Bore of Rotor - 11 mm