Geared Motors Manufacturer in India

geared_motor-supplier-udaipurThese motors are produced from 0.5 HP to 20.0 HP and speed ranging from 1.5 RPM to 450 RPM. They are designed for continuous duty under ardaous operating conditions.

These can be supplied as gear units also, where the flange mounted motors procured by customers can be fitted. We also supply inline gearbox with input shaft to which the customer can connect a standard foot mounted electric motor.
Our generated motors process high efficiency, low noise operation and sturdy design.
Gears :High tensile low alloy steel is used as a raw material. Ample dimensions of gear wheels and shafts ensure long life of gearbox. Gears are designed to transmit high torque and power with smooth running under all types of abnormal operating conditions.
Housing and Covers : Closed grain cast iron is the material used for significant loading conditions for gearbox housing and covers. The suave design of housing with partition wall provides it a great amount of torsional rigidity. Ample surface area is provided for heat dissipation.

Shaft and Bearings : Adequate bearing spans, sound dimensioning and elaborate desing contribute to the high degree of siffness and resistance to the fatigue and shock loads for the shafts. Bearings are selected such that they ensure longer life, smooth operations for the gear unit and to withstand high overhung loads.

Lubrication : Gears are lubricated by splash lubrication of oil. It is provided with an oilseal, oil-leval indicatior, drain plug and breather plug. Geared motors are delivered without oli before starting, oil must be filled up to the level of oil level plug. First oil change must be done after operating 400 hours. Consequent oil changes should be occured after every 5000 hours of operation. Grease packed units are available on request.

Testing : All components are thoroughly inspected at various stages and assmbled units are tested on no load for oil leakage, noise level and temperature.

The electric motor used in standard geared motors are TEFC squirrel cage induction motors. They are suitable for 415 volts +- 10%, 50 Hz +- 5%. Motors correspond to IP-55 enclosure as per IS-4691. Flame proof and weather proof also can be given on request for special applications. We can also supply out geared motors with special motors such as brake motor, DC motor, multi speed motor, crane duty motor etc