Shoe Types Brakes Manufacturer in India


Constructional Features: Special constructional features such as those listed below account for exceptionally long mechanical life of the brakes.
  1. Neoprene shock absorber - prevents link pin breakage and increases the life of the solenoid.
  2. Hardened steel lever and spring gland reduces wear at the pins and all other points of contact.
  3. Cast iron wheel - The physical properties of the iron minimize the tendency of the wheel to deposit metal particles in the lining which could result in
  4. serious scoring of the wheel.
  5. Spring pins - The tight gripping spring pins insure against the loss of pins due to shock.
  6. inexpensive lining replacement - Linings attached to shoes by removable flat head groove - pins.
  7. Fewer joints- The shoe is actually a part of the shoe lever and not separate from it. This makes fewer mechanical joints and keeps wear points at minimum.
  8. Solenoid - The solenoid coil can be removed without disturbing the brake adjustment. Solenoid loading is designed to reduce wear.
Adjustments: Adjustments for torque and lining wear are conveniently and quickly made. Braking torque and living wear adjustments are made at the top of the brake. A set screw and locking nut located on the top of the solenoid frame provide adjustment for equalizing clearance between the brake shoes to prevent dragging when the brake is released.

Applications: Typical application include conveyors, hoisting equipment, machine tools, printing presses, small cranes, over head doors, vacuum moulding machines etc. Coil Duty Classification: Shunt brake coils are used either for intermittent (1 hour) duty or continuous duty. Intermittent duty indicates that the coil can be placed across the line for one hour without excessive heating. This is equivalent to ½ time continuous duty or one minute on and one minute off. Coil rated for continuous duty can be connected across the line continuously without exceeding temperature limit. The class of insulation of coils is class F.

Mounting: Shoe brake is designed and recommended for the use and mounting only in the floor position. Side or vertical mountings are not recommended because the solenoid loading is altered resulting in accelerated and premature coil failure. AC Solenoids: The remarkable efficiency of “GMAC” brand shoe type AC Solenoids (Pull type) encourages application to a wide rang of purposes requiring a definite pull motion under automatic or distant driven machinery. Typical functions include the operation of electro mechanical brakes and valves, various short-stroke motions on machine tools and many operations required in automatic machinery of all kinds.

brake application

APPLICATION : Used in Machine Tools, Hydro Extactors, Coil winding Machines, Wire Drawing Machines, Rubber Mixing Mills, Rolling Mills, Printing Machines and in many other industries such as a Cement, Mining, Sugar, Textile, Material Handling etc..In case of power failure in machines like Hoists, Cranes, Winches, Elevators, etc.. application of brake is must. We offer AC type brakes, called fail safe brake, as in case of power failure, these brakes apply mechanically.

Nylon/Bakelite bobbin with ‘F’ class insulation coil. 10mm thickness E plate / I plate All machines nuts are used.
M.S. Plate for liner. 15mm thickness mounting plate. Close type Connector with Nylock Nut.
16.5mm thickness liner. C.R.N.G.O. stamping. Heavy Duty Brake

A.C. DISK BRAKES : (FAIL SAFE) Very compact and modern in design. Foundation is not necessary as they are directly mounted on non-driving end shaft of the motor. It consists of liner plates (Brake Disc) with square hole at the center. One corresponding piece of square hub is supplied with the brake. This hub is keyed to the motor shaft and the liner plate is free on this hub. Normally liner plate is gripped between two discs with the help of spring pressure. They work on 230/ 415 Volt A.C. When the current is supplied on the brake, one disc is attracted by electromagnet against pressure and the liner plate is released. Thus the brakes is “off”. Once the brake is set it dose not require adjustment or maintenance. When the liner plates wear with the use then only air gap is required to be maintained periodically. An arrangement to release the brake manually could be provided on request.

FAIL SAFE BRAKE FOR BRAKE MOTORS: Brake Motor is combination of three phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor with Electro-Magnetic Disc Brake (A.C.) When power is switched off with ordinary motor, the rotating part will stopped after some time but if brake motor is used rotating mass will stop instantaneously. All Brakes are mounted at non-driving end of motor, braking disc is mounted directly on motor shaft. Brakes are directly acting, no lever or links are required. Liner plate is only wearing part and this is easily replaceable.