Clutch Brake for Pouch Packing Machine in Hyderabad

Clutch Brake for Pouch Packing Machine

Regards from the house of Excel Electromagnetics. Justifying our name, we strive to excel in our supply of clutch brake for punch packing machine and adjoining areas.

Our Mission

As a premier electromagnetic clutch brake manufacturer, who has been in the business for over a decade, we manage our team with the cream among the professionals. We do not simply manufacture but also double up as suppliers of an array of brakes and clutches. You can use our products in various industries. We aim to use the expertise that we have got after years of experience in this field to create products that the whole nation would find helpful.

Our Vision

We have a customer-oriented team. And catering to the needs of our patrons is more important than anything for us. So if you have something specific in your minds, then we are just a call away. We are also available to help our clients to give any piece of information regarding electromagnetic brakes and clutches that they might find helpful.

Our Products

As one of the most dedicated electromagnetic clutch brake manufacturers operating nationwide, we have a number of high-end products to offer. Some of our best selling products include:
• Bearing mounted clutch
• Clutch brake combination (standard)
• Clutch brake combination (open)
• Double shaft type ECBL
• Flange mounted clutch
• Spring-loaded fail-safe brake
• Flange mounted brake
• Different types of AC- DC rectifiers.

Electromagnetic Clutch Brakes Manufacturers


You are ever welcome to visit us at to have a look at all of our products. We, as leading Electromagnetic Clutch Brakes manufacturers, also welcome any suggestions and happily attend to all the inquiries. It only takes filling up a very basic online form, which is available on our website, to reach us. We also assure you that our rates have always been competent and transparent and shall always be.